Q-TYP by Dieter Schenk

'Q-TYP' alias 'Quick Type'
is the result of my idea: 'Quick and cheap building' a simple robot
as a first project for beginners. With remotecontrolled movement in
different ways. For learning some robotic basics and programming.
Material: handwired controllerboard (68hc11f1) board with 32K-RAM
motordriver IC, a 4584 IC for inputconditioning, 4,8V-Accupack,
1 IR-receiver module, 2 motors, assembled on a plexi platform with
hot glue, rubber band and some screws. Program: PWM controlled
motorspeed, IR detection and command recognition, realized with the
'Tiny BASIC compiler' from Carl Lunt.

I prepared Q-TYP for 'Interactive C' from the MIT. I implemented also
a FORTH version for interaction. I built it in aprox. 10 hours.

Q-TYP is able to be solarpowerered (not continuously - accu loading
while a standby low power mode) and i want to make him autonomous
move outdoor on sunny days. Determining the movement direction by
the sunposition and brightness  for the best 'feedplace'....

See some pics on http://home.a-city.de/dieter.schenk or send 

Email: dieter.schenk@a-city.de

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