QuickSilver by Scott Evans

This was a 6.270 powered robot, 12"x12"x12", designed to pick up nerf cubes on a competition course.

The team at Odin Tech was given this project by GOSURD Enterprises. The project was to complete a prototype robot that would maneuver a course, picking up foam blocks on the way. The purpose of the final robot would be to enter areas that humans could not enter, for example an area where a nuclear meltdown had occurred. The project was given to several other teams from other corporations and the designs were tested against each other in a competition.

Each team was given certain parts and a certain extra amount of money to be budgeted as the team wished. The teams were supposed to build the best robot possible with what they were given. The robot's major goal was to reach a finish area but it would win extra points for picking up blocks along the way. The team whose robot performed the best in the competition was rewarded with a design contract from GOSURD.

For a full report, including pictures, IC code, drive train, results, etc. See:


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