R2Taupo by Rich Irace

R2Taupo, a BASIC STAMP II-brained robot with speech.
Made of mostly junk-box parts, uses the "TOPO" robot
drive design. His head turns, with a non-modified servo
and contains LED's and an IR motion sensor.  Its basic purpose
is to wander, avoid obstacles, play tunes and gab.
The head was made from a KC Fried chicken promo glass. 
The CPU housing is a Carrier wall thermostat.
Drive mounts are sheets of hobby aluminum.
Power is from a rechargable 7.2V RC battery. 
Two modified servos provide motion and steering.
Time to build about 1 day, programming, 2 days.
First robot attempt with the BASIC STAMP. Great Chip.
Complete schematics, source code and photos available at 

Email: iracerc@epix.net

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