R2 Unit Version 1 by Christopher Jones

The R2 unit is one of the most ambitous projects Ive worked on.
It features a sophisticated sensory array located in a movable
head unit, foot mounted collision detectors, a cordless vacuum 
cleaner, and best of all speech control.

I built it to look like R2-D2 from star wars and be functional at
the same time. I have programmed it to perform different functions
such as vacuuming, whilst avoiding obstacles and tracking moving
objects. The routines mentioned are selected by the operator
saying the appropriate commands.

Technical specifications:

Hardware build time: Year and a half and still adding bits.
Software build time: I develop new programs for it all the time.
Cost               : Motors 30.00 Electronics 20.00 Vacuum 20.00
Power              : 9.6 volt NiCd runs for over 30 mins!
Speech software    : Microsoft speech SDK
Language           : Borland Turbo C and Visual C++             

Email: c6jones@plymouth.ac.uk

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