RALPH by Terence Scott

RALPH (Remote ALl Purpose Helper), comprises of three
movable sections. (a) Mobility Base - housing 2 x 12V 7Ah
batteries, 2 x 12V Geared Window-winder Motors, Bump
sensors. (b) Body - housing a modified Commodore 64
Motherboard, Sensor Interfacing pcbs, Debugging LEDs,
Shoulder motors for both arms. (c) Head - rotates in the
direction of any sound, utilising 2 microphones on
either side of the head.

Ultra-sonic and Infra-red Sensors allow for obstacle
avoidance. Phonetic speech capabilities are possible using
the Votrax Chip, interfaced to the C64 CPU board.
Pulls a Vacuum Cleaner around a pre-programmed path. The arms
are used to hold a serving tray during parties.

All programming is done using BASIC

Time to build: approx. 5-6 years on and off and still going.

Cost: Around $600AUD

Email: terry_scott@gilbarco.com.au

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