R.O.B.B.I.E. 1 (R1) by Robbie Singh

Robot name:  ROBBIE (Robot Obeying Bit by Bit Information in 
             interactive Environment)
Size      :  4.4 feet
weight    :  40 pounds
Power     :  12 volts, 6 volts and 4.8 volts.
Time to build    : one year and continuing
Cost      :  aprox. $1,000

-This robot is controlled by a PC through a remote control connected
 to a serial port.
-It uses 16 servos and 22 DC motors
-It has two arms, that can pick objects each consisting of 7 motors
-Quickcam is used for remote viewing.
-I have programmed it in Visual Basic.
-ROBBIE can navigate my whole house without any assistance.
-I have made my own electronic compass that is connected to the 
 controller's input. and much more...

I learn while making my robot... 

Most of the motors are from junk yard and rest from hobby centers.
I have used plastics for the body.

(I am a senior in Washington High School,Fremont, CA.
This is my first Robot, which I have built
without any help)

If you wish to know more information about ROBBIE 1, please visit the
following web page. http://www.members.home.net/singh1/

Email: singh1@home.com

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