ROBI by Brent Morse

ROBI was primarilly created for the purpose of testing out 
different types of available microcontrollers. I ended up
going for the OOPic Microcontroller produced by Savage 
Innovations, because of the ease of use and programming. Robi
consists of 2 Modified FUTUBA servos (I traded a guy at a 
hobby shop for a used video card I had laying around. And
modified them myself.)A swivel caster for guidance. 2 Front 
wheels of off my RC car. Two microphones used as "ears" one
on each side, (I amplified the output of the condenser mic's 
through two 741 audio amps, before feeding them into the
OOPic's analog input's.) 4 Bumper switches, 2 in front, 2 in 
back, for navigating around obstacles, etc. Other misc.
parts : A piezo buzzer for sound effects, Some indicator LED's, 
a 4 X 4 Matrix keypad, for programming movements, or
running other pre programmed movements, i.e. Dance to music, 
find source of sound while navigating through its
environment, run from sound, and other cool and funny things. 
Soon to be added to its array of instruments: Davantech
Sonar Ranger, a Serial LCD to display messages, and as soon 
as I hack into a Texas Instruments Voice synthesizer module,
it will also speak! (All this is driven by the amazing OOPic!) 
So far the cost is around $86.00 (USD), that's only
because I had to bid on the TI Voice Synth. on Ebay, and I 
also spent $35.00 on the sonar ranger, and $35.00 for the
OOPic. The rest of the parts were salvaged from electronic 
equipment I have acquired from repairing them, or just simply
tear other things apart to get parts!

I'm also working on another OOPic based all terrain autonamous 
vehicle, and maybe even modify my riding mower, so I won't
have to drive it in the hot summer sun, instead, I can be in 
the shade relaxing!

If you have any questions or comments about any of this just 
email me and I will get back to you.


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