Robocchio by Mats Ínnerby


This is my second robot. It is a two legged walking robot 
with five degrees of freedom in each leg. I have been
working on the mechanical construction for a while, since 
it was harder to get it to work than I first imagined.
My major problem has been to find a good design of the 
hips and ancles. At the moment the robot is as stupid as it
can be, since it has no inputs, just a static agorithm 
in the micro. It's not a misstake, just a way for me to
check that the mechanical constuction works before moving 
on to some more advanced. All joints are built around
standard servoes from Futaba and Hitech. I have used 
aluminium in the legs and plastic in the body. The feet are
also built from plastic. The micro is the well known 
Basic Stamp, but the card used on MyBot will be moved to this
robot as soon as I find som good preasure measuring 
devices to put on the feet. I'm hoping to find some FSR (Force
sensitive resistors) but they seem hard to find. 

Best Regards

Mats Ínnerby 


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