Robosim by Peter ULLRICH


(C)1996 by Ing. Peter ULLRICH

This simple robotsimulator is the result after the first effort to get a simple
simulator for a robotarm that will be build in the future. The movements of the
arm on the screen should also be done in realtime by the robotarm.
The simulator uses the well known red/green-3D-technology to  see the position
of the arm in 3D.

To see the 3D-Arm you need to have red/green glasses that can be build with
simple red and green foil used for packing books. Glue the foil onto a self
built paper frame that has the form like glasses or glue the foil onto optical
glasses. The red foil must be in front of the left eye, the green foil in front
of the right eye. The optimum effect can be achieved in a distance of
75cm (30 Inch) in front of the screen (14 Inch).

I can't say how long it took to program it because I did it privately when ever 
I found a few minutes...

If you have any questions regarding my simulator don't hesitate to ask me per



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