Robo Soccers by Robotics Club UBAYA Indonesia

Description :
We're the pioneer of robotics club in Universitas Surabaya Indonesia. 
Our first project is building 4 robots that can play soccers.
There are about 20 students who build these robots in laboratory and 
takes 2 months to finished it. RC (remote control) model is
the basic structure of each robot and of course it needs modification. 
The frequency for example, we must change each crystal on
it. If we don't, the frequency all over 4 robot will be the same and 
a frequency crash can't be denied.

These four robots will fight 2 on 2 at 6x4 metres field. The field's 
color is green and blue. Green one indicate goal area and the
rest is blue with white line on it. Rules are made but totally 
different with soccer game because it a robot game and it need robot
rules too(but we don't need a refree robot to gain the rules, we 
simply use human being as a refree).
The numbers of ball is 25 pieces consist of 24 balls in white and 
1 ball in yellow. White ball score 1 point in each goal and the
yellow one score 5 point in each goal.

Spesifacation :
   Dimension(LxWxH) : 30x30x30 cm at start
                      and may come to 60x60x30 cm while playing
   Power Supply     : 10 pieces of 9 volt batterey in paralel
   Remote Control   : 25 MHz, 27 MHz, 40Mhz, and infra red
   The robot can pick the ball with a roller and throw out the ball
   about 2 metres distance.
   Shotter          : use two spinning whell in a line,
                      one spin clock wise and the other spin counter
                      clock wise.
Cost :   
The cost? Rupiahs, it about Rp. 3,500,000.00 or 
US$ 450 and supported by Electrical Engineering Universitas

No problem encountered in hardware. The one and the only problem is 
frequency crash that still happen on field.

Any suggestion are welcome and please send to bellow e-mail address :

We are new in robotics experiment but we proud with our first project.
The next project in our laboratory is base on Z-Walker that came 
from this website.

If you want to know more about our University please come to :

Or visit our website at:
but the second address is still under construction(be patient...).

Thank's to every one who support this project.
See you at our next project....


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