Robot2 by Gaston Klares

robot2 for outdoors

Two tank-like tracks made of rubber should ensure the movement of this heavy outdoor robot. The
rubber was fixed with a kind of super-glue to a loop: instant drying and extremely solid joint.
There was a big problem with the tracks who permanently went off the transport wheels. This was
compensated by giving a slight convex shape to the corner wheels.
The whole electronics where taken from the first robot, and the batteries have been replaced by two
larger units of 25 Ah each.
Two infrared pulsed diodes and one IR-receiver on the front side, Ultrasonic on the rear, 2 x 2
bumper microswitches on each corner. Processor again Elektor dev-board with 8052AH-BASIC. Serial
programming via cable from Atari ST.
The small wheels where made from a Betonplex-wood-sandwich. Power supply with two 12V-batteries in
series with a MOSFET-PWM-regulation circuit. Each track motor was driven by its own
MOSFET-PWM-circuit with 8 stages (halt and 7 speeds). The motor inversion was made with relays that
had to be commutated only in the stop mode to avoid contact sparks and current peaks.
The machine was so heavy that it was a hard work for two persons to pick it up and bring it into the
house again.
The two car wiper motors were definitely not strong enough to move this monster, so i switched to
two second-hand wheel chair motors. Severe problems again with the two rubber tracks that didn't
want to stay on the weels especially when making a curve; i added aluminum disks on the border of
the main wheels to prevent this phenomenon.
This project has been abandoned some day when i saw that it couldn't really work with the tracks and
the enormous weight of the robot.


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