ROBOTEC by Edgar Alejandro Zambrano

Hexapod Robot with 12 DOF with the hability of tracking a line 
manual and auto control (manual with the use of a PC on RF
link), this robot is able to "find its way" in a room, it can 
avoid obstacles, it has a video camera thaa can transmit up to 500
meters (audio & video). It runs using a Basic Stamp II, it can 
walk over slatered surfaces.  The body of the robot is made totally 
out of plexiglass (most of the design was taken out of a Hexapod II 
by Lynxmotion) it uses 12 general purpose Servos (HS300), and a 7.2 
battery for the servos. It uses two SSC II to control them. And two 9
volt  batteries, one for the camera and the other one for the circuitry.
Its has an infrared sensor to detect obstacles.

It took about 6 months to build and cost so far is around $1000


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