Robotek by Uros Rozina

This robot was made for contest RoboT2002. The most important fuction of this robot is that it can
find out the way out of the maze. It is suitable for those who don't know a lot about robots
Robot is controlled by PIC 16F84A, have his own electric source 
(Ni-Mh acummulator 3700mAh, which is enough for about 50 hours of working).It have 2 modified servo
motors and have data connector (d-sub 9-pin male), for in circuit programming, which is nice for
quick changing robot's programm.
-motor: 2x modified servo motor (5V)
-processor: 1x PIC 16F84A 
-sensor: 2x IR sensor
-powes source: 4x cells 1,2V; 3700mAh
-body: aluminium


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