Robot Head by Christopher Jones

Robot head

The robot head is designed to simulate several of the sensory functions of a human head. It includes a microphone for hearing, a web cam for vision and a SONAR sensor with a range of 1.5 metres, for detecting obstacles. The sensors are mounted on a plate linked to two servo motors. The servos provide adjustable yaw and pitch motion. In this way it is possible for the robot head to scan vertically and horizontally in an area of 60 degrees. This robot is based on another robot I built called Mr_Head and exists as an enhancement.

How it works:

The robot is controlled by a PC and is linked to the computer via the parallel port. The PC runs two different programs simultaneously. For range finding using SONAR the robot uses a C program I wrote, that plots a map on screen of obstacles. For visual recognition I used a face recognition program written by Slug software. I have not gotten round to using the microphone yet but this will eventually be used for speech recognition.

Technical specifications:

Build time: The head took 1 day to make but the software that I made
            took longer to develop.
Cost:       SONAR 29.99 Servos 13.50 Web Cam 20.00 Mic 3.00  
Language:   Borland Turbo C
Power:      6 volts to 12 volts DC (affects SONAR range)
Servo sweep:60 degrees pitch and yaw
SONAR range:1.5 metres or less depending on supply voltage


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