Robot Simulator by Luiz Felipe Rudge Encarnacao

This is a Robot Arm Simulation Software
Is a robot simulation that provides a full 3-Dimensional environment 
(wire frame graphics) with one fully moveable robot (5 axis). 
Control can be exercised via high level control mechanisms (ie grab, 
move and placing objects) or manually directed from the keyboard.

There are several possible views (2 display areas and 15 possible 
virtual cameras). A camera can be placed in one "aeroplane" (ie 
allowing the user to "fly it" and use the resulting perspective as 
their view). With a mouse you point & click on an object to make the 
robot grab it. Another click on some possible local will cause the 
robot to place the object there. With keyboard you can control 
all parts of the robot and fly the "aeroplane". It runs on MS 
Windows 3 or above.

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