RoboVision 1 by Stefan Torres

RoboVision 1, 
is a integrated system, a robot, and computer, the computer is the mind, the computer processes the 
image with software developed in Visual C++ with the Vision SDK libraries. 
The robot has a Vamera X10 wireless and R/C control remote, the camara send the image to the
computer when is procesed, the computer sends the signal to the robot . and the robot executes the
the software is designed to find any objects of forms,, the factors are the color, height, distance.  etc...
Two stepper motors, wireless camera, R/C, driver are powered by a 9.6volts and 600mA ni-Cad
batteries(Nikko r/c).
The signals in the robot are received by the r/c and transfered to  a PIC 16F84,  this pic controls the motors...
cost: 300USD


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