RoboVision 2 by Stefan Torres M

RoboVision 2, The Final EyeBot 

Is a integrated system, a Excellent made it Robot(Hand made with national Tech), and computer, the
computer is the mind, the computer processes the image with software developed in Visual C++ 6, with 
the Vision SDK libraries. The robot has a Camera, X10 wireless and R/C control remote, the camara send
the image to the computer when is processed, the computer process the image  in real time, if the 
function is find any object with specific color, and then call the function to manipulate color, the PC 
work with signal RGB and HLS. The next step is find the center of the object and the position X,Y in the
image, to plain the trajectory to the object. When  the PC knows very the object send the data in
serial mode to the RF and the RF to the Robot when the PIC 16f877 receives the signal an decode. and
the robot executes the request. 
the software is designed to find any objects of forms,, the factors are the color, height,
distance.  etc...
Two stepper motors, wireless camera, R/C, driver are powered by a 9.6volts and 600mA ni-Cad an 5.6
Volts battery with 1.2 A.
The process to transform the image are very hard,, first reduce the noise, more times,,, find a
object,, aplicate Roberts to find the contour, separate the objects if are more of one,, find the
specific characteristics ,,find the center of the object,, and finally go to him…. But this is not
the end… the robot go to the object and take it,,, and them the robot carry the object to the final
square. And go again……   
cost: 500USD
Thanks to 
	Professors and friends of the UCC

Ingeniería Industrial
Santa fe de Bogota


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