Rocky7 by Guillaume Drolet

This is a replica of a NASA's robot named Rocky7.  The mechanical design was entirely made by myself
during the past 3 years.  The rest of the project was done by me and 3 other guys as a team work. 
This robot is for my final school project.  

It cost me 5000 canadian dollars.
It is a work in progress.
It can be controlled by RF or cable.  The user is seating at his desk and controls the movements of
the robot, his 2 cameras and the others components directly in our C++ program that receive the
video.  Those 2 black and white cameras can pan and tilt with RC servos.  I also included night
vision with 16 infrared LEDs front and rear.

To take a look at the NASA's robot 

P.S.  There is no official site with technical description but it will be soon available.


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