ROVER1 by Patrick Becker

 This is my first truly autonomous robot that I have built. Currently it just does the basics. It
just goes around avoiding obstacles making funny sounds every time it sees something.


2 Sharp GP2D15 Infrared Object Detection Modules
2 Futaba S3003 Servos (Hacked)
1 Standard project case from radio Shack
2 3inch Wheels from local hobby store
1 Basic Stamp 1 Module
Carrier Board from RS
Battery Pack from RS

Time to build:

Idea...for a long time
Putting it together...about a week on and off
Turning it on and watching it work...priceless

Total Cost:

about 100 to $150

It took me a long time to finally build a robot. I ran into lots of problems and didn't have much
patience. With these things you have to have patience and be able to sit down and read manuals and
specs. One smallest overlook could cause everything to go haywire. Thanks to a lot of help from some
online friends I got mine together. I am a month from graduating tech school and the past two years
have taught me a lot. Don't ever give up on your dreams. If you want to build one you can.


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