RoverBot by Orestis Kalantzis

ROVERBOT is an autonomous robotic platform that moves on wheels and has the ability to be
self-guided or remote controlled (localy or via wireless LAN or Internet)

Its basic principle are two indipendent motor wheels (and a third one, smaller, free turning wheel,
for support) so that their speed divergence makes ROVERBOT turn (just like a tracked vehicle),
making unnecessary the use of steering gear and therefore facilitating spatial placement

Dimensions  :  
   Length  :   56cm  
   Height  :   34cm  
   Width  :   56cm  

Weight  :  about  50Kg  

Cost  :  about  650 euro, (expected to reach 1500 euro).  

History : 
I started designing ROVERBOT in 1992 wanting to experiment and acquire some real experience in
robotics, but mainly to build a platform for further experimenting in self-direction , automated
map-making and other applications of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks.

Besides the subsystems of stepper motors and their drive circuits that I designed (and build as
prototypes) in 1996 , all the rest was manufactured between May and October 2002.

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