Krisna RPB-01 by Andhy Rachmat Nur Graha


This is my project for my last assignment to finish my study 
majoring Mechanical Engineering of Krisnadwipayana University, 
Krisna RPB-01 means "Krisnadwipayana Robot Pemindah Bahan 01"
(Krisnadwipayana Material Mover Robot 01)

This is an arm robot that is used to move ferrous metal material 
from one to other place. It is using 2 DC electro motors
to make 210 degrees of rotation and 90 degrees lift-down mover 
for the arm.
To reach the material it is using magnetical iron coiled.
The robot can be controlled manually by using a joystick that is 
attached on the robot. And it also be able to control
automatically by using an IBM PC compatible. The robot and PC can 
be communicated via LPT-1 by an executable program. I
made the program used Turbo C++ under DOS version that is focused 
on LPT-1 progamming.
In automatic mode, the operator interference will be minimized 
and it will let the PC to control every movement of the robot.
I used steel plates ST-44 and resin thermosetting plastic molding 
to build parts of the body.  

* DC 24V electro motor
* DC 12V electro motor
* Solenoide 500 coiled (home made).
* Transformator 3A & 0,5A in one.
* 12 diodes
* 5 Transistors
* 8 relays
* 2 Capacitors
* Reducer Gear boxes (home made).

I planned, made and prepared this robot for 6 months.

Cost: around 150 US$ 

# Andhy Rachmat Nur Graha #


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