RTP 1 by Kevin Moore

RTP 1 (Rover Test Project 1) is the name I have given to this robot
that I am currently working on.  It was built using a 16inch by 10inch
board with two 5 and 1\2 inch wheels upfront being driven by two 12vdc
motors controlled by a H-bridge configuration.  The trailing rear wheel
is a 3 inch swivel caster.  It has a sound detector circuit that allows
me to either start or stop the robot with a loud clap.  I am using an
ultrasonic sensor mounted on a stepper motor for obstacle detection. 
I also have a bumper configuration attached to two limit switches up
front for extra obstacle avoidance.  All of this is interfaced to a
68hc11.  The program is written in basic.  I have been working on this 
on and off for about 6 months.  I have had the most difficulty with 
obstacle avoidance.  I will soon be replacing the front bumper assembly
with an IRPD (infrared proximity detection) system.  This is an ongoing 
project that I am using to learn more about microprocessor systems and
electronic interfacing techniques. Please email me at kev8@ix.netcom.com
with any tips or questions.  

Email: kev8@ix.netcom.com

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