Scorpio by Sparky Garvin

Scorpio is a two-motor, 4-legged walking bot.
He is my second analog bot made under the philosophy of BEAM robotics,
introduced by Mark Tilden.
for more info about BEAM.

Scorpio was supposed to hit a wall and then reverse for about 5 seconds
and then (hopefully) head off forward in a slightly different direction.  
Interestingly enough,  due to his unique mechanical configuration, when
he hits an obstical, he simply "turns" about 15 degrees and then heads
off in another direction.

(for those of you that don't know, getting a legged robot to turn can
be a challenge!)

He is powered by a 9V battery, has two 6 transitor H-Bridges, and to 
be honest, I built him to get rid of some motors I had in my junk box.

Ok, thats probably enough for here...  if you want to find out more,
including frame and motor information,  check out Scorpio's website at:
There is even a Video!!!


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