ScottBot by Scott Loren

ScottBot is an autonomous robot that I made for my highschool
senior project. ScottBot basically walks around and avoids obstacles
(for now). It has four legs and three degrees of freedom per leg. I
machined the legs out of alluminum with a CNC machine at my
highschool. The body is cut out from acrylic. For motion I am using
four ultra-torque metal-geared servos on the highest load bearing
positions, four high-torque servos, and four run-of-the-mill standard
servos. For electronics, I am using a BASIC Stamp 2SX, with a Next
Step carrier board from Lynxmotion, and 2 mini SSC's controlling all
twelve servos. And an Infra Red Proximity Detector from Lynxmotion is
guiding the robot away from obstacles.  
The only big problems encountered, were the strength of the servos,
because originally I had standard servos on all twelve positions. It
became evident that they were not strong enough to support ScottBot,
so I bought high-toque ones for some positions, and ultra-torque ones
where needed. Balance problems also plagued me while developing a
walking gait, so I finally developed a gait that shifts the weight of
the body over the legs supporting it when one leg lifts up.

Dimensions: 10in length by 7in width by 4.5in depth

Weight: 4lbs 15oz

Time to build: About 6 months or 200 hours, including design time

Cost: 700 US dollars

Seeing My Robot Walk For The First Time: Priceless

If you would like more information visit my website,,
or e-mail me at

Thanks for looking.


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