SCROB by George Vastianos

SCROB - Subsumption Controlled RObotic Bug

Subsumption architecture is the result of work by professor Rodney
Brooks and the Mobile Robotics Group at the MIT Artificial Intelligence
Lab. Brooks' subsumption architecture arose from an attempt to escape
the confines of traditional robot control methods and provides a way
of combining distributed real-time control with sensor-triggered
behaviors. SCROB is a micro-robot that uses subsumption architecture
to implement a variety of different attitudes that are consisted from
a hierarchical group of behaviors. SCROB's brain is based on a RISC
microcomputer that is capable to execute four millions instructions
per second. The robot's subsumption control network is implemented by
using the software strategy of the cooperative multitasking. The parallel
execution of the behaviors is achieved from a group of fifteen finite
state machines (FSMs) that are divided in three behaviors.

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