Seeker II by Jon Hylands

Seeker II is my next-generation stealth mini-sumo. It is under 10 cm x 10 cm in its normal start
position. It is 1.5" high, and weighs in at almost exactly 500 grams. Seeker II is very fast and
very aggressive.


- Microchip PIC 16F876, running code written with the CCS C compiler 
- TI SN754410 h-bridge 
- National LM2940 5-volt regulator 
- dual NiMh 9-volt battery supplies, with separate power switches for the motors and the
- Faulhaber 1717 gearmotors with Micromo 76:1 gearheads 
- dual Sharp GP2D12 analog range-finder sensors 
- dual Fairchild QRD-1114 edge sensors 
- all parts custom machined from delrin, aluminum, and brass (by myself) 
- molded sticky poly-urethane tires on custom machined wheels 

Time to build was probably a couple hundred hours, and the total cost was around $250 USD.

You can find more information about Seeker II and my other mini-sumos at


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