Shadow by H.Gendov & V.Stavrev


Robot Name : SHADOW
Hardware,electronic circuits - H.Gendov
Programer ( Microsoft Visual C++ ) - V.Stavrev
Function of the robot are :

1) Education to basic robotics ,programing 
2) Research of AI and AI systems
3) Just 4 FUN and robo-games

We use a old toy-car,10 meters ribbon cable to connect robot to PC parallel port,
one DB-25 connector,8 - 5V relay,5 - optrons,plastic box,2 - bump switches, 
5v external power supply......... 

We have a problems only with software development.

Time to build - 2 days for basic prototype "SHADOW"

Cost - about 10$ 

Now we mounted on robot color video camera with rotating servo.
In future we build SHADOW 2 robot with more sensors,inrared comunication
radio modem,and video sender.

who can help with parts or info can write to this E-Mail-s:

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