Silver Warrior by Daryl Leung

My name is Daryl Leung come from Hong Kong. This is my first project in making a Human-like robot.
He is a 350mm tall of weight about 2kg called "Silver Warrior". He consists of 19 moving joints (2x5
for legs, 2x4 for hands and 1 for head) which are all driven by RC servos. 10 high torque servos
ranging from 6.5 to 9 kg-cm are used to provide sufficient power to drive the legs. The control unit
of the robot consists of 4 nos. of 89c51 and a RS232 wireless module. 3 nos. of 89c51 are programmed
to generate signal pulses to control the servos.The remaining 89c51 and the wireless RS232 module
are for RS232 communication. 9v battery is used to provide power for the control unit and a 6v
600mAH NiCd is for all servos. The robot is connected to the PC and controlled by Visual Basic. A
transmitter connected to PC via USB is used to send signal from the PC to the robot via RS 232.
Making this robot is very costly, about HK$ 2,500 or $300 US. 
People who are interested to know more about my robot please visit my webpage

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