SimpleBot by Blake Sullivan

I built SimpleBot three years ago when I was 12. I havn't 
been able to find any wheels for it though. As you can see, it need
to be updated alot. I plan to make it mobile or just build 
another. As you can also see my digital camera is not that good.
It took me about 25 minutes to build. All it should do is 
roll around the floor.

Total Cost - About $20.00
-Gear Reduction Motors - Free, I had them from a dif. project.
-Blue 8-Wire Cord - Free from Dif. Project
-2 Vold LED - Free from just having it
-Battery Paks - About $1.25 each. 
-Plexiglass - $4.00 for two 8" * 8" Sheets
-Project Case - $3.00 from Radio Shack
-3 Switches - $8.00 from Radio Shack

Please E-Mail me at for more information on my 
other robots and if you know how I can add wheels to about a
1/16" Shaft, cheaply. You can also visit my website @


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