SKSBOT by Kristof Stevens

This is my first robot I build (just for fun) and is just 
a test platform to experience with an autonomic robot.
To test the robot I put him under a table with chairs and 
it has to get out without hitting a chair leg or a table leg.
It took one month to build and cost about 250 $.


Body made from plywood
All pcbís are home made
Every wire is made with pcb connectors (easy to test new things)

Drive train:
-2 jumbo servoís with all electronics removed (only motor and gearbox is used)
L298 Hbridge for controlling the motors.
7.2V NiCd battery pack for power.

Basic stamp 2 (waiting for the java stamp to be realised)
5 * 8 IO expansions on I2C bus
4 keys keyboard
2*16 lcd display
1 piezo speaker

4 bumper switches
7 * 40 kHz IR Receiver Modules (SFH506 will be changed by some better types)
2 wheel encoder
1 home build US distance sensor (can rotate by a servo)

Things to be changed in the near future:
- The IR modules changed by better type Iím having problems with the SFH506
- Replacing the BS2 (memory full) by the Java Stamp (Iím a java programmer)
- Rebuilding the ultrasonic distance sensor to be stand alone (now itís ping and receive is done by the BS2)
- Adding some RF communication between the robot and my pc.

Website: coming soon


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