SnakeBot II by jc

SnakeBot II is a small autonomous robot built around a Marvin Slyder 
style base and uses two Futaba FP-S48 hobby servo motors, modified 
for full rotation, for locomotion. The "brain" is built around the 
Motorola mc68hc11 microcontroller (the 'e2 version with 2048 bytes 
EEPROM, 256 bytes RAM, 38 I/O lines and a 2MHz system clock). The 
microcontroller sits in a BotBoard, a small, well designed and 
inexpensive board, perfect for robotics. The 'bot's programs are 
written in SBasic and uses a subsumption (behavior-based) 

Currently, the SnakeBot II has four sensors for navagating through 
its environment: right and left front bumper switches (full front-end
coverage) and right and left front infra-red (IR) proximity detectors
(120 degrees of coverage). The IR detectors are mounted pointing 
forward and away from center at a 30 degree angle. The two IR 
emitters are mounted on the front center of the 'bot, pointing 
forward and slightly to the left and right. 

Power for the servo motors comes from four AA Ni-MH batteries (5.2 
volts). Power for the MCU and sensors comes from a single six-volt 
lithium ion battery. 

Total dimensions are: 9.5 cm x 9.8 cm x 7 cm (L x W x H).  Speed is 
approximately 15 cm / second.

For SBasic code, hardware details, schematics and more photos, check 
out the SnakeBot II site at:

or email me at:


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