SONDA by Antonio Depadua Portela Filho

SONDA is a soil robot with a gripper and a camera  that imitates the robots of bomb squads and
cleaners of toxicant residues and nuclear waste used by the police and it industries. The data transmits
through a cable (umbilical string)with the capacity of the computer that controls him/it. 
Your program has control manual where it is possible to control and to visualize the movements 
of elevation of the camera, gripper, sensor redinfra and voice mensagems. Already in the
automatic way the robot walks for the ground straying of obstacles, sending messages of voice.  
For control the  serial port and the parallel port are used at the same time.To visualize the image
of the camera it is necessary to install a plate of entrance of video sign in the computer.  
The control of the camera and gripper is made through servants used in small parabolic antennas. 
Videos, pictures and larger details can be found in Made in Brazil


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