Spare Parts by Tom Blitch

Another one of my B.E.A.M. (Mark Tilden) bots. Uses 4 
strings of nuerons with 3 nuerons in each string. Main loop
is fed by a single bicore occilator. Has 8, 6 transistor 
h-bridges; One for each motor. Runs on 6 standard AA
batteries. I got reeeeeeeeeally tired of changing 
rechargebles after I charged them wrong and had to throw them
away. Has LED indicators to display status of nuerons 
which is handy when its acting funny. Each leg had its own
reverser circuit so any combo of legs can reverse for 
many diffrent walking directions. It can turn by reversing
the legs on one side or it can simply reverse opposite 
legs and sidestep. Frame is made entirely of brass tubing
and large paper clips.


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