Spider Mod by Nicholas H

Inputs: one CDS (cadmium sulfide) cell
Brain: circuit I made + old circuit
Functions: Spider Mod hands from something. (like a tree) When a shadow passes over it it falls a
couple feet (but it is still connected by a string) and then it climbs back up.
Power Source: 2 AA batteries
Problems: I had very many problems, most of which involved bad soldering connections.
Time to build: The first one took me all summer to build, but now I can make one in one day.
Cost: about $3.00
Notes: For the last few years I have been helped build and run a halloween house. The spiders that
we used were sound activated, but only loud sounds would set them off. This year I made a couple
light activated ones. They work much better. (when they work at all.)

Email: nic8579@hotmail.com

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