Spike by Robert Kelly

MIT Handy Board
Handy Board expansion board

Motors: SOHO GBS35D-19260-15YC 12/24V gearhead motors modified for
slightly higher speed

Servos: 2 standard, unmodified servos, generic brand

- 1 Polaroid 6500 ranging module
- 5 GP2D12 optical ranging sensors
- 1 Lynxmotion IRPD object detector
- 2 Hamamatsu photoreflectors for wheel encoders
- 1 Eltec pyroelectric detector

Software: Interactive C 

Base: Lynxmotion 1/4" sheeting cut on a bandsaw using templates
made up on AutoCad Lite

Wheels: 4" Du-Bro radio control aircraft wheels from hobby store
and 1 1-3/4" caster wheel on swivel.

Bateries: Standard batteries for handy board and 2 12V camcorder
bateries from Radio Shack

This is my first attempt at building a robot and took me about a
week to design and fabricate the parts, most
of which was just thinking about how to lay it all out.

Everything works well, but I am not much of a programmer or
hardware guy, so I've been playing with this thing
just trying to keep it from running into things and wall
following which it does well. I hope to get it to do
some simple dead reckoning and plan to add a compass soon.
I also want it to do a little better at exploring
areas by using the pan/tilt sensor head with 1 GP2D02 and
the Polaroid sensor in it. Another thing yet to do is
add some function to allw it to sense people/animal
movement with some accompanying behavior, but I still need
to work on good software for the Eltec sensor.

Email: robertkelly@adelphia.net

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