Taffy by Bart Scott

Taffy stands for "Treaded Autonomous Fire Fighter".  
The "Y" is just for fun :-)

I wanted to build a non-violent competition bot.  Unfortunately, 
there are serious size restrictions on all the
contests I could find.

Taffy is hacked from a toy body - that's about all of the 
toy I could salvage.  The itty bitty motors were
replaced by power antenna motors running at 24 volts 
through a couple of H-bridge ICs.  Speed control is provided
by the arcaic use of hobby servo electronics.

The brain is a BSIISX (because I burned up my original BSII 
with a bad voltage regulator - pissed me off...).
I'm hoping to switch over to AVRs to speed up the processing 
and reduce the incredible amount of space taken up
by the wiring and excessive electronics.  

It has one US ranger and three IR rangers mounted on a 2 axis 
head.  Most of the time it is able to avoid obstacles.

It does not yet have its fire fighting capabilities because 
I want to integrate the AVRs first.  

Surprisingly, the two banks of 8 AA batteries last a long time.  
This little 11" bugger can almost crawl up your

It presently weighs about 2 pounds, measures about 11"x8"x7", 
cost about $200 (US), and took about a month to

I wanted to build a powerfull robot.  For its size, it is powerfull.  

Since I recently got married and purchased a rather expensive 
house, I doubt I'll be able to afford the trip to a
fire fighting competition.  Perhaps I will redesign the puppy 
to a security bot - or a baby sitter...

Email: mindwipe@mco.bellsouth.net

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