Tea Trolley by Denis Costain

This was my first robot I have ever built.  It was designed as a prototype for another robot of mine
(BORIS) and a test bed for the circuit I was using.  This robot uses two frontal mounted bump
sensors mounted on the lowest level and to light sensors on top.  It uses a PIC16C56 processor which
can be easily program to allow the robot to drive around looking for a high light source while
avoiding obstacles.
I would recommend this style of robot as a good test bed for circuits as it is really cheap.
I am currently remaking the circuit to test out some BEAM style circuits as I think this is an
interesting subject with alot of potential.  
A quick overview of the robot:-
Processor - PIC16C56. 10.00.
Drive - Two really cheap DC motors from a school shop. 2.00.
Sensors - Two LDR's and two hand made bump sensors. 1.00.
Email: denis_costain@hotmail.com

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