Tele-remote by David Pike

This bot is a tele-remote using a 6 chanel radio,a b&w wirless
camera, (2) 24v. wheelchair motors, (2) 36v. gear reduced
motors,(1) 24v. rack & pinon type motor, & (1) 6v. cordless
screwdriver motor w/ orbital/planetary gear set-up. The bot 
has been through numerous changes & will continue to be
modified as time ,funds, attention, allow. One of it's
design perammiters is to retrieve the trash can from the 
street & be able to open a door knob. It's made from an old
T.V. stand,kids bike wheels,old chain-rings,ect. I built
it & rebuilt it over 1 or 2 yrs. on & off. I recently hooked
up w/ the robot group they were most helpful w/ the speed
controllers & the 24v. motors. THANKS GLENN !! THANKS MEL !!
I'm also into B.E.A.M. bots. Another current project is a 
Micro core controller for a bug (MR.TILDEN'S circut). I've
made several art type bots that are light seekers/trackers
out of "bird-house" gourds their shapes are interesting like
large pears that tool like wood when dried. The GrowBot was
a fun one too ! Hope the bitmap image is not a prob. sorry
I don't know how to convert !!! To busy building !!
My E-mail is Thanks Dave Pike


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