TJv1.0 by Ariel

TJv1.0 stands for Tyler and Joshua, my sons, and version 1.0. 
This is my first robot and pretty much my first
electronics project. I just got into electronics so I'm 
very green. I learned alot since I built him and would do
things a bit different and cheaper. IE. I would replace 
the Basic Stamp I with a PIC16F628 which offers much more
for much less. 

The BS1 cost me over US$50 after shipping and all, the 
PIC's range from US$3.00 to US$14.00. The PIC has 2k of
Flash for programming at 20mhz. 

TJ avoids obstacles using two IR xmitters and xceiver at 
40khz. He uses two modified servers for moving around,
which are controlled via the BS1 and an H-bridge. The arm 
is attached to a gearbox from an old RC toy and the arm
itself is from an old Star Wars toy. The body is a plastic 
electrical box, the head is made from a combination of
a pencil sharpener, calculator, old toy, and LEDs. 

Once in a while he randomly stops and raises his amr and 
makes some noise. If an object is straight ahead of him
he backs up, raises his arm and shoots it (makes a 
shooting sound). Any questions please contact me at


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