Track Zero by Hernán Silva C.


This Robot was designed and built by Javier Soto and for
Hernán Silva, both students of the career of Industrial
Processes in the Professional Institute Duoc dependent
of the Catholic University of Chile. 

It is a device robot  able to follow one it lines quarter
note that defines the trajectory to continue. Their
construction takes approximately 2 months and materials
and technology of relative simplicity were used. The
designed  is divided in three parts; the first  is the
stage of the sensors made up of two photo-transistors that
they are able to differentiate the reflection of light
between a white surface and the black surface of the an
electric tape, the second stage it is the call logical
stage and it is the one that reads the information of
the sensors and it discriminates against the trajectory
to continue, and lastly the following stage is that of
power or of control of motors composed by two bridge
“H” that control the corresponding advance motors and
direction correction. 



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