Twins VS Bot by Yong Voon Siew

Complete description 
Running on PIC16F84 & PIC16F877 Microchip microcontroller. These 2 robots are able to react
interactively with one another via the infra red sensors and sound detector. It can be preselect to
play football -infra red ball , play tag and self interactions. It is similar to Robo Soccer. The
robot with the PIC16F877 has self expression from the LEDs formation.
PIC16F84 & PIC16F877
H-bridge amplifier,
IR- sensor and LED,
sound detector,
Contact detector,
2 Motors on Tamiya gearbox
6V+6V power supply.
Problems encountered 
Having linearity drive due to limited drive count sensor.
Basically these 2 are practically workable minus the high current drain from the motor.
Time to build 
3 months.

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