VEGA by Hélio Fernandes Vieira

This is VEGA this is the second robot i made.The first one is 
called TOMY and there is a very large distance between them. VEGA's
body is two hard disks removed from a old hd unit. He uses a IR 
coded system to avoid obstacles and for this i used a IR receptor
from "PHLIPS components" this is because is very dificult to find 
the same component from SHARP here. VEGA is able to find a
candle inside a room this is because he has light sensors very very 
sensibles. He uses two servos to navegate and these servos
are controlled by a PWM usnit. This robot has a special test device 
used to breaks the ccts conection to allow test one by one.
This resource is used once that the role circuit is very complex 
and if something goes wrong several hours will be spent to find
the problem. VEGA can be controllled by TVs remote control. Well 
if doubts pls pls e-mail me i'll be glat in answer :

Two H-bridgs
Two Futaba servos
One PWM controll unit
One IR coded System using IR closed receptor from "Philips components"
Two light sensor ccts.
One optical coupler cct
One cct used to test
Time to bild 8 mouths
Costs around 100 U$


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