Walker by Björn Nilsson

The WALKER is a nice six-legged robot. It's fully autonomous and avoids obstacles in the way. I was
studying computer science at Halmstad university in Sweden when I built this robot. I used my new
knowledge from school when making it. The robot uses 12 servomotors to move the legs. The motors are
servos from Futaba and they are pulse width modulated. I use one 68HC11 from Motorola to control the
Walker. To avoid obstacles I use two IR-sensors that give a picture of what the robot is
approaching. From that information the robot decides if it should go to the left or the right. 
My master’s thesis at the University involved a bi-ped robot, the Elvira robot.
You can find it at http://www.hh.se/stud/pt00elpr/index.html
Email: bj.ni@swipnet.se

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