WAR-VP by Simon Westerdale

This project attempts to create a vision guided robot 
adaptive algorithm based upon standard components and a near
real time operating system. With an onboard neural 
network and a wireless network, virtual maps are created of the
learned environment. The robot then builds upon already 
learned information in the object database to provide a
sophisticated and accurate guidance mechanism. In addition 
to the vision guidance an intelligent power management
system that enables the robot to recharge itself whenever 
the batteries reach a certain level. ( http://www.westerdale.ch )

WAR-VP uses a 12-24v Baldor Servo motor with a double axis gear (20:1)
It needs to pull 35-40kg with a full payload. The robot is steered 
by two steppers for the front & back axis.
I used a 460watt custom-made power bus to drive all the components 
via dedicated power filters. The Gimbal, with
two Sony IEEE 1394 digital cameras that are connected to a vision 
processor and provide the basis of 3D

Important to note is the controllers. Here I picked J R Kerr's 
motion controllers, they are highly robust
electrically, an extremely easy to use. Lastly, the docking unit 
provides recharging as well as communications
from the docking computer to WAR-VP.
Biggest problem I encountered was power...and heat. A custom power 
bus was installed to solve this, a must for any
high powered robot.
It has taken 2 1/2 years to build and is really an ongoing research 
project into machine vision/navigation systems. 

Email: westerdale@westerdale.ch

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