XBot by Dimitris Xanthopoulos

This robot was designed and built for my final year project in university of Leeds (UK). The robot
was equipped with several sensors while two modified for continuous rotation servos were used to
move it around. The robot's main parts are listed below:

Microcontroller: Atmega 8535 running at 16 MHz

* 4 Infa-Red proximity detectors 
  (for obstacle detection and avoidance)
* 1 Rotating ultrasonic ranging module
  (for measuring distances. +/-90 degrees rotation)
* 2 Wheel encoders
  (to accurately measure wheel rotation)
* 1 PIR sensor
  (to detect human presence)
* 1 "Line Sensor"
  (Line following)
* 1 Radio Data Link
  (for telemetry purposes)
* 1 Alphanumeric LCD (20x4)
  (mainly for debugging purposes)
*1 Battery level sensor
*3 Push buttons
  (to provide a basic user input unit)

Although several navigation routines were implemented the main effort was to enhance the robot with
a self-localization ability (dead-reckoning)

Email: deade1vis@hotmail.com

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