Yngwie by Harm Andries Kingma

Yngwie is a mobile robot built to participate in robot contests. I have built this robot together
with two friends of mine. Together we form the robot team: The Fabulous four. 

Yngwie has one very special feature: It has a holonomic drive train. With this drive train Yngwie
can move freely in any direction in the X-Y plane at any given time without the need to change its
orientation. It can for example drive a figure 8 with its front facing to the north. This kind of
drivetrain is very usefull when complex manouevres have to be made.

Yngie has three special wheels. They are omni-wheels. The wheels have free rolling rolls instead
tires. This allows the wheels to roll freely sideways. This eliminates wheel slippage. Each wheel
has a motor attached to it and the wheels are evenly spread across the circle of the bot at 120
degree angles compared to each other. The direction and speed of Yngwie are controlled by
calculating the required rotation speed and direction of each individual wheel for a given
speed/direction vector. 

Yngwie also has a quite complex gripper as can be seen on the picture. The gripper can be used to
grab a small ball. It has a reach of 75 centimeter and it can move all the way to the ground. At the
top there is a rail which causes the gripper to turn (almost) upside down when the gripper gets
pulled past a certain height. This feature is used to drop the grabbed ball in a net at the back of
the gripper beam. This net is not yet attached on the shown photo.

Currently, Yngwie has 2 sonars, two webcams and a compass as sensors. Right now the robot undergoes
an electronic rebuild, however, because the motor driver failed shortly before its 1st match. And
the sensor configuration will also be changed, so there is not much I can tell about the result yet. 

The brain of yngwie consists of two parts: It has an ATMEL microcontroller board to control the low
level functions such as motor control, gripper control and sensor readout. THis board communicates
with a laptop on top of the bot. This laptop handles the vision and AI of Yngwie. The laptop also
commands the complete bot. 

Next year in May Yngwie will participate in the Startel RoboChallenge in the Martinihal in
Groningen, The Netherlands. More info on this contest can be found at: http://www.robochallenge.nl. 

On my website: http://members.home.nl/hakingma/ you can also find a  movie of Yngwie in action,
together with a description of my other three bots. 

Email: hakingma@yahoo.com

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