Zippy by Jonathan Davis

This is my first robot I've made. I made this with the help of David Cook and his book Robot
Building for Beginers. It is a line following robot. The switch that is on there is so it will
follow white lines on black or black lines on white.  I didn't like the idea of making it out of a
zipplock container. I was in K*B toys and saw this little car that usd skid sterring. I bought
gutted out all the crappy plastic in it and rewired it for the robot. Put on some new circuit boards
and I was in business. I did make one mistake. I didn't put on a diode and once when I went to put a
new battery on I touched the terminals backwards and it fried the comparator chip in there. It was a
$0.35 chip but with $6 shipping. Cost was about $50. I found almost everything at I never thought it would've taken me as long as it did to build this robot.
There was probably about 5 hours in soldering and re-wiring. Overall about 2-3 months. 


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