Z-Walker mk III by van Zoelen, A.A.

          The walker was build with the following in mind: easy to  build, reliable, robust, not too
          expensive, battery operated and using common parts. It will be a basic walker without any
          sensors or a reverse mechanism. You can add these as you like.

A complete manual is available at http://vsim.freeservers.com/walk-kit.html

The robot was build that is is possible to walk on 4 legs with only two motors and a minimum part count.


          Height               :  115 mm
          Width                :  160 mm
          Length               :  180 mm
          Weigth excl. battery :  142 Gram

          Frontleg swing angle :   90 Degrees
          Rearleg  swing angle :   90 Degrees
          Speed                :   18 sec/metre
                                   [ 0.056 m/s ]

          Power supply         : 3-15 V
          Power comsumption    :  100 mA

Parts used
             2 cheap servo's
             1.IC's : 1x 74HC14, 1X 74HC139 
             2.Capacitors : 4x 0.22uF, 1x 2.2uF 
             3.Resistors : 3x 1M, 1x 2k7 
             4.Diodes : 1x 1N4148 
             5.Other : 2 IC sockets, 2x 5M vario-resistor, LED red, battery holder, power

Total costs about 40 US$
Time to build approx. 4 Hours.

Email: vsim@mail.com

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