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 Trilobot Meets Lego Mindstorm
On Sept 9th, 1998 Arrick Robotics hosted the Lego Mindstorm folks for an evening of robotic exploration. Almost 100 people attended the demonstration of the new Lego robotic building set. Each set includes their RCX controller which is programmed using a visual environment on a PC. The RCX can control motors, sound transducers, and can read switches and light sensors.

Several ingenious designs were presented such as a robotic card dealer and a line following walking robot.

We encourage you to visit the Lego Mindstorm web site

Lego Mindstorm Demonstration at Arrick Robotics
Lego Mindstorm Picture #1

Lego Mindstorm Kids Having Fun
Lego Mindstorm Picture #2

Lego Mindstorm Meets Trilobot!
Lego Mindstorm Picture #3

Observations by Jim Brown, President of the Dallas Personal Robotics Group
Last night Eric Yundt trucked four of us (eric, ralph, jeff, and myself) out to Roger Arrick's place to see the Lego Mindstorms event.

I think I had as much fun chatting and joking about robotics on the way as much as I watched the lego robots. Once arriving, the Lego Mindstorms demo seems to have been a hit. There were serveral that I heard say they wanted to buy the kit after seeing the demonstration.

Andy (of lego mindstorms) gave a rather interesting demo of some of the kits. One robot could sense the ambient light and lower some sunglasses depending on the brightness. Another robot was a line follower by using an LED and a light detector.

Another robot had two bumper sensors on the front and could detect objects and also detect the edge of the table. And the final robot they had could actually deal cards to four people. The software they had was a windoze program where programs for the robots could be made using program icons where you arrange them in a flowchart type fashion. After the program was done, you download the program via a ir link from your pc (provided with the kit). The kits were around $200.

There were about 90 people who showed at the event. Also, there were many new people who showed, and at least one told me they may try to have a robot for the contest this Saturday! It was probably really good for our group to do this event because of all the interest it generated (kids especially) and the exposure for our group an event like this provides. Hey, we even managed to get on TV because of this lego mindstorms thing! So cool!

Afterwards, a few of us DPRGers went to Denny's for dinner. Again, that seemed to be times I enjoyed the most. Overall, I think it was an interesting meeting, and much fun and fellowship to be enjoyed by all. I'm so glad it went so well, and so smooth. A big thanks goes to Roger Arrick for letting us borrow his place for the evening. I hope his place wasn't too trashed, and hopefully nothing missing. :-)

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