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 Trilobot Mobile Robot Sounds

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This section of the user guide is being reproduced here since some of the first versions did not go into the needed detail.

Recording Sounds
The user can record sounds by selecting the OPTIONS menu then selecting RECORD/PLAY SOUND. Recorded sound will be stored in RAM. You will be asked for a starting address and ending address - each as 4 hexadecimal characters. Valid addresses are 0100 to 6FFF. Do not use any other address area to prevent corruption of output ports and special storage locations. For an example, enter 1000 as a starting address, and 1FFF as an ending address. This will result in about 1/2 second of sound. Record your sound by speaking into the microphone located on the head. A beep will notify you when recording is finished. You will be given the option of playing back the sound.

Playing Sounds
You can play sound effects and recorded sound by selecting the TEST menu then selecting SOUND OUTPUT. Enter 91 as the sound code which will play sound from 1000 to 1FFF. You will hear the sound that you previously recorded.

Changing Startup Sounds
You can change the startup sound by changing the startup sound code in EEPROM at location 6. Select the OPTIONS menu, then select EDIT MEMORY. Then select EEPROM. When asked for an address enter 0006 (you must enter all 4 digits). The current contents will be displayed. Press Y to edit the value. Enter the new value as 91 which will play the prerecorded sound at 1000 to 1FFF. Press the reset button to allow the change to take effect and you will notice the new startup sound.

Additional information about sound codes can be found in the command mode programming section under the PS (Put Sound) command. Also see the EEPROM usage section concerning locations of various control codes.

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